Saturday, October 7, 2006

Homeland security unveils $835,000 RV

Homeland security unveils $835,000 RV

Cordell Eddings – June 7, 2006

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security revealed its newest tool for protecting Hoosiers today: a brand new 53-foot mobile command center.

The expandable dark blue trailer boasts three rooms that can accommodate a crew of 21, each workstation with its own separate phone line, and individual laptops backed up by two separate servers. Several large flat screen televisions are among other amenities such as a coffee maker and microwave.

State officials said the advantage of the mobile command unit is its ability to facilitate communication between multiple emergency response agencies in the event of an emergency. The vehicle's 52-foot antenna aids communication and is fitted with a 360-degree pan-zoom camera.

“This vehicle, for all intents and purposes, is a mirror image on wheels of our State Emergency Operation Center from a capabilities perspective,” said homeland security Emergency Response Director Phil Roberts.

The command center’s $835,000 price tag was covered by federal homeland security grants allotted to the Indiana over the last two years. Although some counties have obtained their own vehicles, the state's command center is the most expensive in Indiana.

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